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Coin Search Addon


Important: This plugin is an add-on that requires the Massive Crypto/Coinpress Plugin installed and activated.

Coin Search addon searches cryptocurrency coins and displays the beautiful autocompleted list with coin name, symbol, logo, price below search input.

Search widget is designed to place anywhere like header navigation menu, sidebars, footer, etc.

We can alter the parameters of shortcode and customize the search box size, placeholder text, enable/disable logo, price, search button icon, and modify currency of coin price.

e.g. shortcode: [coin-search placeholder=”Search..” size=”medium” logo=”true” price=”true” currency=”USD” search-icon=”true”] will output like below.

coin search addon

For coinpress users, visitors can search for coins and go to the coin page by clicking on the coin links from search results, this option is also available for Massive Crypto users, if they have enabled custom pages for coins.

With default coingecko API available for Massive Crypto and Coinpress, visitors can search around 5000+ coins instantly using this widget.

Note: that ‘Coin Search Addon’ that requires Massive Crypto/Coinpress Plugin.


  • Just download the plugin here through paypal and activate the plugin.
  • Copy the shortcode below and paste on your page where you want to search field to appear. Shortcode parameters are optional.
    [coin-search placeholder="Search.." size="medium" logo="true" price="true" currency="USD" search-icon="true"]
  • You can also insert the shortcode with php function do_shortcode(), just paste the shortcode inside the brackets like do_shortcode(‘[coin-search]’)
  • Done!, Now blazingly fast coin search addon is ready!



  • Initial Version
Search Addon


1+ Sales

  • Massive Crypto (3.1.1 or above)
  • Coinpress (2.1.1 or above)